\\ Military Generators

The army sector in any country is always interested in rugged and special generating sets designed for their specific applications, Ascot International, thanks to its specific know-how acquired directly in the field is your ideal and flexible partner for any defense projects. The Ascot International mil-technical team formed by ex officers is the translators of the Mil needs into products with the most and cost effective solutions. Here are some specific requests that are normally carried out by Ascot International Mil-Team:

Operation for 500 continuous hours
NEMP: Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Protection
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC according to MIL standard
Operation in pouring rain
Protection in the sand environment
Operation temperature from - 40 up to +55° C
Relative humidity up to 95°
Operation altitude 4.000 over sea level
Vibration condition 5-55 Hz, 1.5/2 g
MTBF 4.000 hours MTTR 30 min.
Average working life 15 years

The Army sector in every country is always interested in rugged or special generating sets for all kind of application, ASCOT specific know-how in the field permits to develop new project in short time. We are your ideal partner. ASCOT Technical TEAM have developed many projects for the army world-wide that enable us to have a complete idea of what Military is asking for.